About the Clinic


What is The Watercraft Clinic?

The Watercraft Clinic is a new company all about personal watercraft. The name is derived between this passion and the founder's medical background. The initial purpose of the company is to bring together a group of racers under one unified team with the goals of supporting our sponsors, each other, and bringing home championships. We have the Prescription (Rx) for Performance!!

2019 Race Team

The 2019 Team is made up of 2 Pro racers (Tyler Hill and Daniell Wagner) and 2 Pro-Am racers (Errol Lange and Jason Lester) 

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Racing Series

The team plans to race in as many races as possible each year, and included series put on by P1AquaX, Prowatercross, and Can/Am here in the U.S.A, and other races abroad

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Future Race Plans

It is our intention to continue to expand the team, and to even include Junior racers some of whom are our own kids. 

Future Clinic Plans

The Watercraft Clinic, although initially a race team, has intentions to expand to a personal watercraft shop for the maintenance, repair, and performance modifications here in Southeast Michigan.  

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